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Alissa Abdo, M.A.

Executive Director

Alissa has been with On The Move for over 11 years, building her expertise as an effective and passionate nonprofit leader in various capacities. She began her career as the founding Director of VOICES, the first youth-led community center for current and former foster youth in the nation. Alissa oversees all seven of On The Move’s initiatives and currently serves on the board of Foster Kids Fund.

Did you know . . . Alissa grew up in a small town in southern New Hampshire? 


Amber Twitchell, M.P.P.A.

Associate Director

Amber has been with On The Move for nearly five years and works in partnership with Alissa to oversee the overall functioning of the organization. Amber works closely with several of the OTM programs as well as acts as the lead for the OTM Fund Development Team - she specializes in the strategic development of programs and initiatives.

Did you know . . . Amber drives an average of 1,500 miles per month commuting between the various OTM locations?


Diana Gordon

Chief Operating Officer

Diana is co-founder of On The Move and brings over 30 years of experience to the organization, including program development and implementation, financial management, and organizational systems development to name only a few. Diana and Leslie Medine have co-founded a number of programs together, including Alternatives In Action, HOME, On The Verge, and Moving Forward Towards Independence, which Diana currently serves as President of the Board of Director.

Did you know . . . Diana enjoys weaving and woodcarving?


Jessica Hulin, LMFT

Clinical Director

Jessica has been involved with On The Move since 2015 in many capacities; first as a Verger, then as the VOICES Program Manager, and as a Mental Health Consultant. In July 2019, Jessica was honored to accept the role of Clinical Director for On The Move.

The dynamic role of Clinical Director affords Jessica the opportunity to oversee all mental health and wellness needs of each On The Move initiative. As the Clinical Director, Jessica is responsible for Clinical Development and Staff Coaching within each On The Move initiative. This role also looks at organizational development through a mental health lens.

Did you know . . . Jessica loves doing New York Times Crossword puzzles?


Stephanie Olsen

Resource Development Coordinator

Stephanie has been with On The Move since 2017, providing direct services to young people at VOICES Sonoma. In 2019, she took on the additional role of working with the Fund Development Team, supporting each of On The Move’s initiatives and helping them meet their fundraising goals. Stephanie is the lead of OTM’s Annual Fund Campaign and works specifically with individual and corporate donors, as well as coordinates community events and fundraisers.

Did you know . . . Stephanie is a proud auntie of 8!


Stephanie Davis, B.A.

Accounting Assistant

Stephanie has been a part of the On The Move team for two years and provides administrative support to OTM executive staff and program directors. Stephanie plays a key role in organization-wide communication and manages special projects.

Did you know . . . Stephanie was a rotary youth exchange student and lived in Finland for a year?

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Gabriela Carrillo

Executive Administrator

Gabriela joined On The Move after working as an Emergency Case Manager supporting Napa residents in immedediate fire relief. A dedicated mother of two children, Gabriela received her Insurance Broker’s License with the Department of Insurance in Sacramento and she was an insurance agent for seven years. She brings her attention to detail and organization to supporting our Executive Director and OTM office.

Did you know . . . Gaby enjoys tae bo classes after work!


Steve Carlson

Special Projects Consultant

Steve has been with On The Move since its inception in 2004. He has managed and supported the organization in a number of capacities, lending his expertise in youth leadership, engineering, and project management. Today, Steve works as a staff leadership coach and manages special projects for all of On The Move’s initiatives.

Did you know . . . Steve is a world-class swimmer?


Nick Challed

Development Manager

Nick has been with On The Move for ten years and works with our Fund Development Team by managing and writing the wide-range of grants for On The Move's programs. Before acting as the Development Manger, Nick also led On The Verge leadership cohorts, developed Human Resource systems for On The Move, and coached Youth Leadership Academy students. 

Did you know . . . Nick loves surfing and can sometimes be found breakdancing with his son, Mateo?


Nancy Clark

Board President

Leadership Dynamics Inc.

Nancy has over twenty-five years of systems, operations, and change management experience. Nancy dedicates her efforts to helping clients anticipate, prepare, and transition their organizations for the future. Prior to opening her own consulting firm, Nancy was a principal with Arthur Andersen. She led the Northern California Enterprise Consulting Practice and also served as the Western Regional Director of Arthur Andersen’s School of the Future effort. Her passion is to help public and private education by bringing her organizational development skills to the learning industry. In particular, she worked with the Alameda Unified School District in the planning and implementation of the Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center, a collaborative learning environment that combines the best educational practices with state-of-the-art technology. She has consulted to Los Angeles Unified School District (1.2 million students), San Francisco Unified District, Orange County Department of Education and other school systems.

Nancy has served as a member of the Industry Education Council of California and its Blue Ribbon Technology Committee; she has presented to the Governor’s Council on Information Technology and she is frequently requested to speak at education and business conferences. She was part of the team that was honored with the 1996 Conference Board’s “Best in Class” award for her work with Alameda. She previously served as the President of the Board for Alternatives in Action and the Bay Area School of Enterprise (BASE), and currently is the Board President for On The Move. She earned her B.A. degree from the University of California, Davis, and a MBA degree from the University of Santa Clara.

Laura Corthell

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Laura worked in hospital administration at Boston University Medical Center while completing her college degree at night. In 1978, Laura relocated to San Diego where she joined IVAC Corporation, a medical device company.  After a stint in HR, she earned a position in outside sales and became one of the first women representatives to rank in the top 10 of IVAC’s 100-member national salesforce.  In 1989, Laura and her former husband started their own business, DeltaTRAK Inc., which manufactures, sells and markets devices that measure transit temperatures for shipping and storage applications worldwide.

In 1997, Laura and her neighbors started the Ruby Hill Giving Thanks Charity Committee and raised more than $1.5M to support organizations helping deserving women and families in the Pleasanton area.  From 1997-2010 Laura served on the Ruby Hill Community HOA Board of Directors, and upon moving to Napa in 2014, Laura became a literacy tutor at the Napa County Library. She is also a citizenship tutor through On The Move’s Citizenship Legal Services Program.

Laura has 3 children, loves golfing and gardening, and she believes education and citizenship are important factors in improving the quality of life for women and minorities in Napa.

Diana Gordon 

Board Secretary

Chief Operating Officer, On The Move

Diana brings 30 years of experience with schools, both public and private, in the areas of development and implementation of programs, financial management, fund raising, media management, organizational systems development, legal and regulatory requirements, facilities management, recruitment and admissions, team building in training and supervision of staff. Diana co-founded with Leslie, Alternatives In Action, HOME, the Bay Area School of Enterprise, HOME Sweet HOME Preschool, Moving Forward, On The Verge and On The Move.

Erick Hernandez

Fire Inspector, Napa Fire Department

Erick was born in Guatemala and immigrated to the United States with his parents and sister in 1989 to seek asylum during a civil war. After living in East Los Angeles for a number of years, Erick and his family moved to Deer Park in St. Helena where he worked two jobs while attending Napa Valley College to support his family. Eventually, Erick went to work for Fair Housing of Napa Valley and then the City of Napa as a Code Enforcement Officer. Now, Erick is a Fire Inspector for the Napa Fire Department and is an active member of the Napa community. Erick believes in helping one another regardless of race, color, gender, age, natural origin, sexual orientation, income, religion, or disability, and feels it’s his duty to pass those ideals along to his children.             


Leslie Medine 

Senior Fellow, On The Move

Leslie brings 30 years of community organizing, organizational and administrative planning, coaching, and direct service to youth. She has served as executive director, primary development officer, board president, recruitment and admissions director, financial manager, and community builder. Leslie is the co-founder of Beacon Day School, Beacon High School, and Educational Implementers Inc. Additionally, she and Diana co-founded Alternatives In Action, HOME, Bay Area School of Enterprise, HOME Sweet HOME Preschool, Moving Forward, On The Verge, and On The Move.


Brad Nichinson, MD

Audit-Finance Committee

Psychiatrist & Mental Health Educator

Brad is a psychiatrist who had a private practice in La Jolla for 20 years before moving to the Napa Valley in 2008. In addition to his training as a psychopharmacologist he has extensive Cognitive and Analytic training as a therapist. While in San Diego, he was on Clinical Faculty at UCSD School of Medicine, and served as the Psychiatric Consultant for UCSD’s Student Health Service and Psychological and Counseling Center. He has extensive clinical experience working with a diverse population of young adults as well as training and teaching non-MD clinical staff.

Brad maintains a small private practice in St. Helena and has been a mental health consultant and resource for the staff of VOICES Napa since 2011. He is also working closely with OTM on the Napa Innovations Mental Health Services Act Project. In early 2013 he started consulting in a support role with the St. Helena Family Center. Brad was named to the Board of Directors of The Napa Valley Community Foundation in July, 2013. Brad grew up in Great Neck, NY and is a graduate of Haverford College. After a year of research at Harvard Medical School he attended the Medical College of Virginia, where he received his MD. He completed his residency at UCSD School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, and is Board Certified.

Gabriela Ramirez

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Gabriela migrated to the United States with her mother and brothers when she was 17. Through hard work, the inspiration of a courageous single mother, and the power of a community coming together to support its youth, she attended Sonoma State University after high school and obtained her teaching credential. In 2014, Gabriela earned a Masters in Educational Leadership, and after 25 years working in the Napa Valley Unified School District, she is now Assistant Principal at Napa Valley Language Academy.

Gabriela’s lifelong passion for education is rooted in experiences that transcend every kind of border. As a woman, an immigrant, a former English-language learner, and a mother of two bilingual children, the urgency for providing safe, supportive, respectful, and communities has been her lifelong passion.

Betsy Strauss

Attorney and Mediator

Betsy Strauss is in private practice specializing in local government law with an emphasis on land use law and municipal finance. She represents cities on a special project basis and is developing a northern California mediation practice. As part of her private practice, she serves as special counsel to the League of California Cities on a variety of municipal finance and land use matters. She was the League’s principal legal consultant on the development of e recent ballot measures relating to the state/local fiscal relationship. In addition she has taught State and Local Government Law at Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. Betsy has served as the city attorney for the cities of Napa, Fairfield, and Rohnert Park.  In addition to her work as an attorney, Betsy has a Masters in Jewish Studies and is working on a book called Stay for the Blessing which uses ancient stories from the Bible and the Talmud to resolve today’s conflicts.


Rick Turko

Treasurer,  Audit-Finance Committee

Community Member

Rick Turko “retired” in 2005 after almost 30 years of work in Accounting and Information Technology positions at various companies, including, Oracle and Dun & Bradstreet. Following his relocation to Napa from Seattle in 2007, Rick became an active member of the Napa Valley Unity League as well as a significant contributor to Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride and the Napa Valley AIDS Walk. In 2009 he founded the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar – a not-for-profit social and philanthropic organization with the purpose of building community and supporting Napa Valley businesses and organizations. He currently works with the Tech Connection – a joint program of NapaLearns, the Napa Valley Education Foundation and Napa Valley Unified School District – which helps put technology into the hands of Napa County students. A graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Accounting, Rick is also a voice actor and enjoys Facebook, wine tasting and entertaining friends in the home he and his husband Rob recently purchased in Terrace-Shurtleff neighborhood of Napa.