Programs & Partnerships

Throughout the evolution of OTM we have gleaned five key lessons that continue to guide the ongoing growth and development of our work:

1. Programs must respond to an Urgent Need that is evidenced by data and information that comes directly from the people that the need impacts the most.

2. We Focus on development, taking action on behalf of our self and others so that each of us is constantly developing, learning and transforming.

3. In order to do great work, Co-Creation must take place. We ensure that children, youth and adults are working alongside staff to develop programs and meaningfully contribute to the issues that touch their lives.

4.  We develop Interdependent Partnerships, knowing that our work depends on our partners’ work and that authentic relationships that take time to develop. If we each bring our most unique and best selves - as organizational partners and people - we can work towards interdependent goals which we can not realize without each other.

5.  We practice Experiential Learning, taking action by evaluating and assessing against our original goals, and reflecting on how we’re Learning by Doing. All levels learn together, with developing leaders taking roles as teachers and coaches.


Technical Assistance

OTM offers a variety of technical assistance options to organizations interested in building their capacity to best meet the needs of the local community. Assistance is provided in the areas of LGBTQ Awareness and Competency, Youth Development and Youth Leadership Techniques, Parent Engagement Strategies, Implementing a Trauma Informed Framework, Family Resource Center Development and Assistance Creating High Impact Programming.

Support is provided in a variety of formats and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization. OTM staff work throughout California with a variety of public, private and community based organizations. Staff work in partnership with all levels of leadership to best understand the needs of the organization and are able to offer both broad trainings appropriate for all staff and tailored coaching for agency leadership.

Through its expansion and technical assistance efforts OTM has impacted over 35 counties in California  and continuously seeks opportunities to improve outcomes for diverse communities across California.

For more information about technical assistance, contact Amber Twitchell at