Some folks are asking what do we do now?! In addition to the focused resources in the sections below, here are some good next steps:


Real vs. Fake News:

Educational Tool for News Resources: Includes a list of fake news sources to avoid

Public Response/Reactions:

Election Response from Non-Profit Leaders Across the Country: Links to official election responses from public organization leaders


Know Your RightsEveryone has certain basic rights, no matter who is president

Family Preparedness Guides: developed by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, these guides, in both English and Spanish, are designed to be used by families to create a family preparedness plan, regardless of immigration status.  

If you have immigration-related questions or need citizenship support, contact Citizenship Legal Services at one of their locations listed on their website www.napacitizens.org or visit their Facebook page for updated information at facebook.com/CitizenshipLegalServices


Preparing for LGBT Health Care Changes: Protecting our healthcare

If you have LGBTQ-related questions or need support, contact LGBTQ Connection at (707) 251-9432 or visit their website www.lgbtqconnection.org or their Facebook pages facebook.com/lgbtqnapa & facebook.com/lgbtqsonoma for updated information.