As we continue our recovery work in Napa and Sonoma Counties, our hearts and thoughts are with our colleagues and the families affected by the Camp and Woolsey Fires. 

Once the immediate needs of those effected by the 2017 Napa/Sonoma wildfires were addressed, it became clear to OTM that it was essential to capture the lessons we learned through the process and share these lessons with other communities. We had no idea that this information would become so valuable so quickly.

OTM in partnership with UpValley Family Centers created a comprehensive report aimed at guiding communities through the disaster preparation and response process. “Lessons in Disaster Recovery” is meant to document the work that OTM and UpValley did and presents our valuable lessons learned.  

We ask that you share this report widely with anyone that may benefit from our experiences. On The Move is proud of the disaster recovery work we have done and we want to be a resource for other communities that are experiencing similar circumstances.

On a personal note, I want you all to know that I am holding each of you and our community in my heart. The pace, urgency and personal impact of recent events have now become our new normal and with this new normal comes the need to embrace our relationships with one another and remain in community. OTM will continue to focus on this as we move into the new year and we greatly appreciate each of your partnership and contribution to the important work we are doing.